Creating the first zero waste tourism destination in Mexico: Todos Santos and El Pescadero.

Join us
In building a community that
less waste,
promotes a circular economy,
and is driven by
local businesses
with support from vibrant humans like you!.

A una comunidad que busca
Producir menos basura
Que promueve la economía circular
Y es impulsada por negocios locales
Con el apoyo de personas entusiastas como tú

Check out this great video to understand the challenge our community faces:

"...a group of committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

Creating the first zero waste tourism destination in Mexico by educating, inspiring and connecting our community to zero waste practices.

Alianza Cero Basura (ACB) of Todos Santos and Pescadero is a diverse and inclusive network that works across sectors to promote collaboration, influence policy, and catalyze transformation in the waste management systems of Todos Santos and El Pescadero. Our work is grounded in a shared vision for change and is informed by the experience and expertise of our network and the broader community.

Our mission is to create Mexico’s first zero waste tourism destination by dramatically improving local waste management systems and changing the relationship our community has with trash. Our goal in doing so is to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities, our environment, and our economy, and to contribute as a community to the global climate agenda.

Ultimately, we want to be a united community that produces less waste, takes responsibility for the waste it does produce, and supports a circular economy in which waste is repurposed by vibrant local businesses. We want to be the first zero waste tourism destination in Mexico!

Photo credit: Claude Vogel


We are working to create the first zero waste tourism destination in Mexico through our 5 program pillars: Community Engagement, School Engagement, Waste Reduction, Waste Separation, and Organic Waste Management

Zero waste, lots of news! Check it out!

Join Us in Creating the First Zero Waste Tourism Destination in Mexico!

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