Community Engagement

The goal of our Community Engagement Program is to inspire our community to come together with a sense of pride and purpose to create a brighter, more sustainable future.

Our tools include community events, workshops, training sessions and partnerships as we work to engage schools, neighborhoods, businesses and individuals in a zero waste vision and practice. #CuidemosTodos.

It’s in these meaningful moments of unity that we’ve witnessed transformative change, from sustainable initiatives taking root to the growth of a thriving, caring community that stands strong together. Our Community Engagement Program isn’t just a series of events; it’s a testament to the power of collaboration and shared purpose, proving that when we come together, we can achieve remarkable results for our community and the world beyond.

ACB continues to expand its role as a hub of sustainability resources including connections to experts and consultants. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for an individual or business to reduce waste, develop sustainably, and employ sound environmental practices in our community and beyond. Please ask us about composting, waste reduction, water purification systems, regenerative farming techniques, biodegradable single-use products, and bulk/refill stores.

Alianza Cero Basura is currently launching the Adopt-A-Spot program as part of the Todos Santos Proud (Orgullo Santeño) campaign. Local businesses, neighborhoods and individuals are adopting the spots throughout town, desert and beach that they have a vested interest in keeping clean, and committing to keeping them trash-free on an ongoing basis. We will continue with our community cleanup program as well. Since October 2022 we have partnered with the La Paz municipality, the Todos Santos and Pescadero fire brigades, 3 NGOs, the 2 fishing cooperatives of Todos Santos and several businesses for massively successful beach and town cleanups and we will continue to do these whole-community events once or twice a year. The community-wide events are a wonderful way to inspire people to be stewards of the land and increase pride in our town.

The Business Greenprint project is a framework to motivate, mentor, and rate local tourism businesses, including hotels, restaurants and rental property management companies, as they compete for the highest zero waste ratings and transform Todos Santos into a “green” destination in the process. The Business Greenprint project is developing a directory of all hotels, restaurants and rental property management companies in our community and will provide the tools for these businesses to do an initial self-assessment of their current waste management/waste reduction practices. We will then provide support for businesses that request our assistance to improve their waste management and therefore improve their rating in the Business Greenprint directory. This directory will be made highly visible throughout the community and our local tourism channels, and our goal is for it to ultimately be the guide that visitors use to choose which establishments to frequent.

There are a multitude of cultural, seasonal, creative festivals in Todos Santos and Pescadero throughout the year. While they are a joyous part of the lifeblood of the town they are major producers of waste, particularly single use plastic garbage. ACB has partnered with multiple event organizers who have agreed to promote and adopt zero waste principles. In doing so, they have produced significantly less waste, generated publicity for a zero-waste future for the community, and influenced more event organizers to do the same. It is our hope and expectation that many of our community events will commit to zero waste principles in the future.

Some examples include:

The Gastrovino Food and Wine Festival is a leader in creating single-use plastic-free events, and increases its commitment to zero waste each year. ACB, in conjunction with Water Ways Baja, provides three purified water refill stations to the festival each year, eliminating the need for single-use plastic water bottles.

The Todos Santos Open Studio Tour is an annual fundraiser for the Palapa Society and becomes increasingly zero waste each year. It has almost completely eliminated disposable maps, posters, wristbands, location signs, cups, and single-use plastic water bottles for volunteers.

The Todos Santos Film Festival partners with ACB each year on its Cineminuto film competition. Aspiring filmmakers from across the state create one minute films with a zero waste-related theme. Past themes have included “Mi Pueblo Sin Basura”, “Our Ocean, Our Treasure” and “Desplastificate”. The ACB program director serves on the judge’s panel for the competition.

The Dia de Muertos Festival has a series of incredibly creative contests each year including costumes for catrina, catrins, pets, and altar displays. Contestants are now required to utilize garbage and repurposed materials in their costumes and displays. The ACB program director serves on the judge’s panel for the competitions.

We have provided in-depth training services on waste reduction, waste separation and on-site composting to several local companies including Hotel San Cristóbal, of Rancho Corazón / Dum, Villa Santa Cruz and the Green Room. We will continue to offer these services to local businesses seeking to be a significant part of the solution in changing the way our community relates to trash.


We support waste management systems that improve the health and wellbeing of our communities, our environment, and our economy.

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