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“Zero Waste” is the practice of conserving all resources by engaging in responsible production, consumption and reuse, as well as the recovery of products, packaging, and materials.

Todos Santos and El Pescadero are two of the fastest growing communities in Baja California Sur (BCS), and BCS is the fastest growing state in Mexico.

The waste management infrastructure of our towns has never been robust, and it simply cannot meet the tremendous demand that is being driven by our current unprecedented rate of development. Alianza Cero Basura was established to unite the community in addressing our urgent waste management needs.

The Mexican nonprofit organization Ponguinguiola AC is the fiscal sponsor for Alianza Cero Basura. All funds donated to Alianza Cero Basura flow through Ponguinguiola, which administers the funds on behalf of Alianza Cero Basura. Ponguinguiola charges an administrative fee of 10% of all funds received for this service.

Your donations are directly applied to our initiatives to decrease the amount of waste we produce and send to the landfill every day. Please see our News and Programs sections for more information on our efforts.


Residents & Guests

While there is currently no municipal or community-wide system for managing organic waste, there are several community members who are establishing organic waste management programs and we are building partnerships with them. We will be publishing information on more programs as soon as those responsible are prepared for broader community engagement.

Community members who are ready now to take your organic waste:

Caballo Loco Composta receives organic waste on a subscription basis, with monthly subscriptions starting at 300 MXN | USD 15. Pricing depends on your preferred frequency for pick up/drop off. It’s easy to get started – just let them know your location and they will drop off a bucket! You can contact Caballo Loco via WhatsApp at 612-213-5872 or email

• Caballo Loco accepts fruits, vegetables, grains, egg shells, tea bags, coffee grounds, paper coffee filters, paper bags, newspaper and paper towels soiled with food waste.

• Caballo Loco does NOT accept meat, fish, bones, dairy products, plastic / plastic bags, fruit / veggie stickers, metal, glass, animal or pet waste.

• The Caballo Loco compost facility is located in the San Sebastián neighborhood of Todos Santos (map). There is an additional drop-off location at La Esquina.

Yes! Punto Verde is our local recycling center located at the south entrance of Todos Santos. They are available for drop-off on Thursday and Friday, 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM. They accept the following:

• Plastics PET 01 (clear and colored), HDPE02

• Broken down cardboard & paper

• Aluminum & scrap metal

• Clear glass bottles – NO colored glass!

• Electronics such as small appliances, old computer equipment

• Thick styrofoam – NO food containers or drink cups!

A list with photo examples can be found here.

The map link is found here.

Recycling is one of the weakest solutions in mitigating waste as less than 15% of all items sent for recycling globally actually gets recycled. The remaining 85% ends up in dumps and landfills. Recycling in Todos Santos and El Pescadero is even more fraught as we live at the tip of a peninsula, making it very expensive to transport recycled materials to end markets.


For each of the options listed below, we encourage you to bring a clean, dry container for your goods. Some of the businesses do have containers to use or for purchase.

A Granel Baja has two locations: one in downtown Todos Santos and one in El Pescadero. They have a rotating list of:

• Dried foods such as grains, nuts, beans, granola, & more

• Spices & supplements

• Cleaning supplies including regular and biodegradable detergents, dish soaps, natural cleaning products

• Body products such as soap, shampoo, conditioner

• Oils, vinegars, soy sauces & nut butters

Pura Vida is located in downtown Todos Santos near the Pemex. They are a health food store where you can get delicious smoothies, bowls and other yummy treats. Their bulk section includes:

• Organic options for grains, gluten-free & regular oats

• Teas

• Spices

DoceCuarenta in Todos Santos has amazing locally roasted bulk coffee beans.


• A Granel (Todos Santos)

• El Mercado at DoceCuarenta (Todos Santos)

• Mini Super Munchies (El Pescadero)

• Plaza Amigos (Todos Santos)

• Coming soon: Cuatros Vientos, Over the Edge Baja

Minimize Consumption and Waste Production

• Buy less packaged food and support our local refill stores listed above

• Be aware of and reduce your household water usage

• Be mindful of your air conditioner usage

• Use only reusable grocery bags

• Bring your own food and drink containers to restaurants for take away


• Set up a compost system on your property

• Support one of our community members with an established organic waste program (see above for resources)


• Donate to Alianza Cero Basura here.


Property Managers & Homeowners

Steps for Property Owners:

Use a property management company that is committed to zero waste such as Salado Baja Vacation Rentals

Inform guests about:

• Our lack of local infrastructure

• How they contribute to the problem (use kind language!)

• How to decrease their impact, participate and donate

Alianza Cero Basura is happy to assist you with language and ideas for communicating with guests on this issue.

Ways to inform my guests:

• Automated messaging via Airbnb and/or welcome letter prior to guest arrival

• Post information on your website or other rental platform

• Include information in your Welcome Book

Here are some additional ways property managers & vacation rentals can make a difference:

Install a water filtration system from our partner Water Ways Baja

• Install a grey or black water system

• Install energy efficient appliances

• Use refillable and biodegradable cleaning supplies and bath products from one of our local refill stores

• Setup a recycling system onsite with instructions for your guests in your welcome book

Setup a kitchen waste system onsite with instructions for your guests in your welcome book

• Install LED lighting

• Set up a clothesline, drying rack

• Plant desert scape landscaping

• Install solar power

• Donate to Alianza Cero Basura. Donation options include:

» Direct donation from homeowners or property manager

» Donation from your guests. You can include a link in the automated messaging prior to guest arrival so they know where to donate:

» Automatically charge guests a small fee (donation) at the time of each booking. This can be collected by homeowners and donated to ACB at the end of each year.

This is a community resource section that is evolving in real-time. If you would like to contribute or be added as a resource, please contact us at

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