Waste Reduction

Our community is a popular tourist destination in an area where tourists fear drinking the tap water yet must hydrate constantly. This leads both the tourists and the businesses that cater to them to purchase huge quantities of single-use plastic water bottles. The result is that the community dump likely contains enough single-use plastic water bottles to build a small town. Our goal is to phase that system out.

The solution we have found is increased access to purified drinking water. We have a strong alliance with Barbara Manfrediz’s Water Ways Baja (WWB), the only water purification company in Mexico that is a US Water Quality Association Business Excellence Member and is Baja’s only Water Quality Association member. WWB is based in Todos Santos and installs and maintains water purification systems in residential and commercial settings. 

Barbara has made it possible for the ACB to partner with local businesses to create a network of public water bottle refill stations throughout the community. She donated the water purification system at Plaza Amigos in downtown Todos Santos where Richie Friend and Marina Garnica created the first public water bottle refill station in town in March of 2022. (You can read more about Barbara, Richie and the Plaza Amigos water bottle refill stations here.) Barbara also donated water filtration systems to DoceCuarenta Cafe and La Paloma Neveria and those public water bottle refill stations became active in January 2023. The program is extremely successful and public water bottle refill stations are currently being planned by Cuatro Vientos, Over the Edge Baja, Hilo Rojo, Hotel So Far So Good and hopefully many more!

For the November 2022 GastroVino Food and Wine Festival Barbara created 3 portable water bottle refill stations that prevented the use of over 600 single-use plastic water bottles. The portable water bottle stations were a huge success at that festival and Barbara will be providing them regularly, free of charge, for use at community events and festivals.

If you would like to learn more about water bottle refill stations and / or how to get a Water Ways Baja water filtration system in your home or business, please email either Barbara Manfrediz or the Alianza Cero Basura:

Barbara Manfrediz: barbara@waterwaysbaja.com

Alianza Cero Basura: cerobasuratodossantos@gmail.com


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