Meet the team

The Alianza Cero Basura team is composed of committed, passionate citizens of Todos Santos and Pescadero who are working hard to realize our common vision of a more sustainable future for the area we call home. 

Juan Salvador Aceves​

Eduardo Nájera

McKenzie Campbell

Jaresy Plata Barrientos​

Alejandrina Vega Miranda

Antonio Diego Fernandez​

Mayra Itati Luis Martinez​

Carla Ramírez​

Jenny Sutton​

Caitlin Allen​

Bryan Batson Jáuregui​

Juan Salvador Aceves

Juan is the director of Alianza Cero Basura. He has lived in Baja California Sur since 1995 and has worked in several institutions devoted to sustainable development in BCS including Sociedad de Historia Natural Niparajá, The Nature Conservancy, the National Commission of Protected Natural Areas (CONANP), and Productores Sustentables Sierra La Giganta. Juan has an MA in Sustainable Development of Coastal Zones and Social Sciences for Sustainable Development from the Autonomous University of Baja California Sur in La Paz. He is married to a Todos Santos native, and is raising his family in Todos Santos.

Eduardo Nájera-Hillman

Eduardo is a member of the ACB board of directors. A resident of Todos Santos, Eduardo has spent his career protecting the natural resources of Mexico and Baja California Sur. He served as the Seascapes Coordinator for the World Wildlife Fund, Mexico for 5 years, and as Mexico General Director for Wildcoast/Costasalvaje, Mexico for 8 years.

Eduardo has a PhD in Natural Resource Management and Conservation Ecology. He has extensive field experience and has published numerous journal articles, book chapters and technical reports.

McKenzie Campbell

McKenzie is a founding member of Alianza Cero Basura (ACB) and serves on the advisory board. She is the Baja California Sur Program Officer for the International Community Foundation, ACB's US fiscal sponsor, where she provides leadership to teams working in the areas of food systems, sustainable cities and waste reduction. McKenzie formerly served as the Director of the Colorado State University (CSU) Center in Todos Santos, and earlier co-founded and directed Living Roots, a nonprofit that helps incubate social enterprises with remote ranching communities in BCS. McKenzie has an MBA in Global Social and Sustainable Enterprise from CSU.

Jaresy Plata Barrientos

Jaresy is Alianza Cero Basura’s Organic Waste Program Coordinator. She has an MA in Forestry Sciences from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León and is passionate about scientific dissemination, especially community ecology. A resident of Baja Sur since 2020, Jaresy has specialized in Biological Soil Crusts in arid soils and their restoration. She worked on the TERECOVA ecological restoration project with the University of Alicante in Spain, and volunteers as a monitor of biodiversity conservation with CATIE in Costa Rica.

Mayra Itati Luis Martinez

Mayra is Alianza Cero Basura’s Waste Separation Program Coordinator. Born and raised in La Paz, Mayra studied Marine Biology at the Autonomous University of BCS and worked with Green Sea Turtle Population Structure projects in the Espiritu Santo Archipelago Marine Zone National Park and in the Olive Ridley turtle nesting camps in Cabo San Lucas. Mayra has been a resident of Todos Santos for 7 years, and led Alianza Cero Basura’s initial waste separation pilot projects with two major tourism businesses in town.

Carla Ramírez

Carla is Alianza Cero Basura's Community Engagement and Education Engagement Coordinator. Born and raised in Baja California Sur, Carla is a true sudcaliforniana. She has a BA in Alternative Tourism from the Autonomous University of BCS in La Paz, and an MA in Ecological Restoration from the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León. As part of her Master's program she spent three months in Costa Rica working on community participation in biodiversity conservation. Carla worked as the Education Program Coordinator for the Conquista La Mar program for environmental training and innovation, training young people to become nature guides, and has spent several years working as a naturalist guide in Baja.

Antonio Diego Fernandez

Antonio is the Alianza Cero Basura coordinator for the CSU Todos Santos Center and is an integral part of the ACB's education program. Prior to joining the team he served for 7 years as the Co-Director of ConservArte, a network of schools, scientists and artists engaged in the creation and management of an environmental education program for the children of rural fishermen throughout Baja California Sur. The group worked with 1,200 students annually. Antonio has a degree in communications science and a certificate in sustainable development.

Alejandrina Vega Miranda

Alejandrina is ACB's communications manager in charge of social media. She is a multidisciplinary artist with extensive digital marketing experience in Mexico, Costa Rica and the United States. She has degrees in communications and holistic nutrition and is also a yoga instructor. Clara has lived in Todos Santos since 2017 and has collaborated with Colorado State University’s local campus on nutrition and exercise workshops. Clara has professional experience as a teacher at the secondary and high school levels, as well as with the government sector in Mexico City.

Jenny Sutton

Jenny is a member of the ACB board of directors. She serves as Financial Controller for the alliance and is in charge of governance. Jenny spear-headed the ACB's plastic bottle elimination program with the establishment of Todos Santos' first public water bottle refill station at Plaza Amigos. Jenny relocated to Todos Santos in 2018, and has over 20 years of experience in financial services with companies such as GE Capital, JP Morgan, and UBS where she finished her career as a Managing Director in London.

Bryan Batson Jáuregui

Bryan is a founding member of ACB and serves on the board of directors. In 2018 Bryan helped win a grant from the Adventure Travel Conservation Fund for the precursor of ACB, Deplastificate Todos Santos y Pescadero. Bryan has lived in Todos Santos since 2002 and is the co-founder/operator of two local businesses, Todos Santo Eco Adventures and Los Colibris Casitas, both of which are leaders in sustainability.

Caitlin Allen

Caitlin started with Alianza Cero Basura as the team leader for Community Outreach and Awareness, and is now a member of the Advisory Board. Born and raised in San Diego, California, Caitlin has a BA in Environmental Studies with a minor in Solar & Renewable Energy from the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV). Caitlin has been a full-time resident of Baja since 2016, working in health and wellness to regenerate herself, her community and the broader ecosystem we all share.
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