Mexican Baseball League Stars Deliver Cero Basura Homerun in Todos Santos! 

Mexican Baseball League Stars Deliver Cero Basura Homerun in Todos Santos! 

Baja-born Mexican Baseball League stars Rodolfo Amador, Bryan Muñoz Jr. and Manuel Cosío
joined members of Todos Santos Baseball Clubs Tiburones and Cañeritos at the Todos Santos baseball stadium on February 15 for a super fun, interactive learning circuit about reuse, waste separation, and composting in sports. Baseball is a very important sport for the Todos Santos community, and the stars delivered a clear message on the importance of healthy practices for the environment in all of our activities, and invited the young people to be part of the change, to #CuidemosTodos – everyone take care of Todos Santos.

Manuel Cosío noted, “The people of Todos Santos are brave, and it is important to take care of this place where we all live, including children. Health and hygiene are key.” Bryan Muñoz agreed stating “The people of Todos Santos are always kind and respectful. It is important to take care Todos Santos because it is very beautiful. I especially love its beaches and food!” Rodolfo Amador noted that Todos Santos is a very important place for baseball with a committed community. “If we take care of it, it will improve and this is based on having good habits” he said.

Alianza Cero Basura’s Community Engagement Program Manager Carla Ramirez summarized, “The community engagement program works to generate information and awareness about the waste problem in Todos Santos and El Pescadero. We believe that generating spaces for active participation helps create a resilient community network. At this multidisciplinary event on February 15 the local baseball clubs not only received baseball training from the professional players, they participated in fun and engaging programs related to waste separation and generating compost. It was a great program on all fronts!”


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