Alianza Cero Basura Launched Baja’s First Organic Waste Collective in November: Progress Report

Alianza Cero Basura Launched Baja’s First Organic Waste Collective in November: Progress Report

On November 1, 2023 Alianza Cero Basura launched the Organic Waste Collective in partnership with Tree Huggers, Baja Sage Farm, and Otto Dominguez Pig Farm. Administered by ACB board member Jenny Sutton, the initial goal of the collective is to create a coordinated system of kitchen waste collection from local businesses and households for delivery to composters and farmers who will repurpose it into productive uses such as animal feed and compost.  At least 60% of our community’s waste is organic matter, so establishing this system of connecting producers of valuable “waste” to those who can repurpose it is critical to our long -term goal of diverting as much waste as possible away from the landfill.

We are now at the three-month mark of this pilot project and we have diverted over 1,800 kg of kitchen waste from the landfill through 200 collections. Our clients span the geographic area from Los Cerritos to Las Playitas.  We have learned a tremendous amount and are constantly working to improve and standardize the service.  The goal is to finish this high season (November through April) with a robust process that can be scaled significantly in time for next season and the opening our Community-Led Organic Waste Farm. The farm will create significantly more community composting capacity here in Todos Santos and El Pescadero and we aim to be ready!

We do not have a public, tax-supported system that covers the costs for processing organic waste. To be sustainable, the organic waste collection business needs to support the individuals who do the work to take our community’s organic waste and channel it into composting and farming. We have established pricing for the pilot phase so please DM us if you are interested in signing up for pick up or drop off services and we will send you all the details!

  • Whatsapp the Organic Waste Collective directly on +52 612 b161 1596
  • Message Alianza Cero Basura on
  • DM Alianza Cero Basura on IG @cerobasura_bcs


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