Meet the Cero Basura Team! July 6 Party at Modern Elder Academy

Meet the Cero Basura Team! July 6 Party at Modern Elder Academy

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Come on over, grab a cold one, and let’s talk trash! Alianza Cero Basura (ACB) and Modern Elder Academy (@modernelder) are excited to invite you to an afternoon of zero waste community-building centered around conversation, food, drink and great music provided by Soultide. And yes, there will be dancing too!

The entire ACB team will be there, eager to talk to you about their projects and results, listen to your questions, input and advice, and/or sign you up as a volunteer if you have skills/ knowledge/time you would like to share. Many of our community partners and local service providers will also be there and you can connect with them as you plan your zero waste journey for your home or business.

Tickets are 1000 pesos each, with discounts offered as needed. Tickets cover food, drink and music – and all the talking and dancing you can bear! Remember, you can always sponsor tickets for someone else, either someone you know or we can help you find deserving souls.

You can buy tickets in advance here (please use Google Chrome for the Eventbrite platform). If you would like to request a discount or the possibility of paying at the door, please RSVP here. Our main goal is to gather as much of the community together as possible to work creatively together around this theme, so please do reach out directly if you would like to attend!

Many thanks to Pepe Sosa and El Santo Chilote for sponsoring fabulous live music at the event by Soultide (@soultide_music) and to Modern Elder Academy for making the event possible by hosting it in their gorgeous garden and providing the delicious food and drink.


  • Location: Modern Elder Academy
  • Date: July 6, 2023
  • Time: 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
  • Band: Soultide
  • Food and Drink: Pizza, salad and libations provided by MEA (vegetarian and gluten-free options available)

Programs we will be discussing and some of the team members you can meet:

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Community Engagement & School EngagementMeet Carla Ramirez, ACB’s Community Engagement and School Engagement Coordinator! Projects Carla is working on include: Business Greenprint Project Waste Management Education Program for all 16 public schools in our community Todos Santos Proud Campaign Adopt-A-Beach Campaign Zero Waste-Festival Partnership Program
Waste SeparationMeet Mayra Itati Luis, ACB’s Waste Separation Coordinator! Mayra just completed waste separation programs with Hotel San Cristobal and Rancho Corazon/Dum, and each entity is now diverting 60% to 72% of it’s waste away from the landfill into circular economies! Projects Mayra is working on now include: Business waste separation consulting Community / residential separation strategies Separated collection systems and partnerships Waste separation and measurement for community cleanups
Organic Waste ManagementMeet Jaresy Plata, ACB’s Organic Waste Coordinator! Projects Jaresy is working on now include: Onsite Composting Campaign Community Composting Farm Project Local Composter Partnerships
Waste ReductionMeet Clara Delagado, ACB’s Waste Reduction Program Coordinator! Projects Clara is working on include: Go Green Training Program: Waste Reduction Program for community members and businesses Alternative product sourcing for community members and businesses Public Water Bottle Refill Stations and purified water filtrations systems

School EngagementMeet Antonio Diego, the Alianza Cero Basura coordinator for the CSU Todos Santos Center! Antonio is a key part of ACB’s School Engagement Program. Projects Antonio is working on now include: Agent Zero / Waste Management Pilot Project with the Palapa School Waste Management Education Program for all 16 public schools in our community

ACB Director Meet Juan Salvador Aceves, Director of Alianza Cero Basura. He is coordinating all the ACB programs: Community Engagement School Engagement Waste Reduction Waste Separation Organic Waste Management Come talk to him about it!


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