Cien Palmas Passes the One Ton Mark for Diverted Organic Waste!

Cien Palmas Passes the One Ton Mark for Diverted Organic Waste!

The goal of the Organic Waste Collective, launched on November 1, 2023, is to provide a sustainable kitchen waste collection business that collects organic waste from local homes and businesses and delivers it to local farmers and composters.  And it’s working! We are extremely grateful to our kitchen waste collection clients who have given us not only their waste but their trust in this start-up season, and we want to give a particular shout-out to Mariela and Santi of Cien Palmas from whom we collected 41 times for a whopping 1125 kg of organic waste! That is more than a ton of waste that did not go to the landfill and instead is helping our local composting and farming community!

Why do we bother with the Organic Waste Collective? In Todos Santos and El Pescadero we do not have a public, tax-supported system that covers the cost of processing organic waste. Our organic waste collection business is therefore designed to provide sustainable, long-term support to the individuals who do the work to ensure our community’s organic waste is channelled into composting and farming. 

Although the season is winding down and many residents and businesses take a break for the summer, our collection service will continue. There is no better way to make your trash summer-proof than separating out the organic waste!  DM us here or WhatsApp us at +52 612 161 1596 if you would like to join the collective. #cuidemostodos  


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